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Tewa is a non-profit organization committed to philanthropy for equitable justice and peace. Founded in 1996, just after the World Conference on Women in Beijing, Tewa was established as an alternative model for development within the Nepali context. While promoting both sustainable development and women’s empowerment, Tewa’s work explicitly aims to do away with established hierarchies of gender, class, caste, ethnicity, age and even geography. It demonstrates an inclusive, non-hierarchical structure that is transparent and accountable, as well as trusting and respectful. In addition, Tewa is committed to human resource development in all aspects of its work. learn more about Tewa

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Image Tewa Turning 20 and Sampanna Campaign

Tewa Turning 20 and Sampanna Campaign Closure - Event Highlights !!!... read more

Image We Did it – Heartfelt “Thank You” to All of You:

During the Sampanna Campaign (SC) period, out of the set goal of US $ 900,000, we raised US $ 1,000,000 including the well-timed US $ 300,000, the SC received from The Empowerment Charitable Trust administered by the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), Jersey Island. ... read more

Image Tewa has new President

Image Nirmala K.C,PhD a researcher and gender activist, is an active proponent of proactive and holistic development among individuals, women and children focused on physical, mental, emotional and social well being. ... read more