Book Launch


Book Launch

Following the destructive earthquake last year, on April 25, 2015, Tewa and Nagarik Aawaz started the relief works immediately in the 15 districts. From July 2015 we started the Earthquake rebuilding and Recovery Programs including a Research on Bhaktapur. After the completion of the research, a book “A Gendered Look into Recovery & RebuildingAn Applied Research” was launched on 2nd September 2016 in the open space of Bhaktapur Durbar Square. Rita Thapa founder of Tewa and Nagarik Aawaz is the is the lead writer who conceptualized the research, where Susan Risal CEO of Nagarik Aawaz contributed as Facilitator and Writer along with  Urmila Shrestha Deputy Director of Tewa  as a Coordinator and Lead Facilitator.

The book launch program was facilitated by Urmila Shrestha, Deputy Director of Tewa. During the program, Sobha Basnet, Chair of NA appreciated the work of the researchers and said that despite the hardship during the unofficial blockade in the country, it did not deter the researchers from responsibilities. She further said that the research would be beneficial for rebuilding and recovery work in days to come. Thereafter, Susan Risal CEO of NA highlighted some of the areas covered by the research which was reflected in the book. Kiran Barjacharya, Superintendent of Nepal Police expressed her full support to new innovations like these where communities were acknowledged and their untold stories were explored.

Chief Guest of the program Hon. Narayan Man Bijukche said that although the Government has necessary funds to support the earthquake victims, the rebuilding work hasn’t started as the Government is yet to disburse the funds and they are not clear on how to conduct the rebuilding and recovery work.  He added that no effort has been made to discuss it directly with the earthquake survivors either. He praised the work conducted by Tewa and Nagarik Aawaz and said that the research is a great piece of work and the book incorporates the need of the community. He further said that he believed that the research work prove valuable for the rebuilding and recovery work.

The research conducted two Focused Group Discussions inviting men and women’s group separately, to understand the changes in their roles post-earthquake. The main objective of the research was  – to assess what changed after the human loss and structural destruction of the devastating earthquake for the people of Bhaktapur district and analyze relevance, opportunities and threats related to those individual and structural changes; to learn where, how and why inherent resiliencies, abilities, traditional skills and craftsmanship exist and to comprehend their impact on the recovery and rebuilding processes; to uncover the gaps in those processes; and to document the people-led recovery and rebuilding processes in the form of an historical document to be critiqued from multifaceted dimensions .

The book contains an in-depth study on the lives of the people from Bhaktapur with some untold and hidden stories and grievances. The researchers have come up with the findings on the changes on gender roles post-earthquake. The growing issues where haphazard habitation are destroying hundreds of years old tradition, culture, customs and rituals have also been covered. The book also discusses the life of people between the edge of traditional lifestyle and modern life-style, and also highlights their hopes and expectations which are still waiting to be met for an effective change for a better future. The book explores the risks and strengths of rebuilding the world heritage city of Bhaktapur after the earthquake. The research and the background paper on Bhaktapur as a World Heritage City written separately by Professor Purusottam Lochan Shrestha has also been published by Tewa/Nagarik Awaaz which has been incorporated in the Applied Research.

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