Grantee Capacity Building Training 13-15 June, 2016


Grantee Capacity Building Training 13-15 June, 2016

Empowering Women for Improving Livelihood Security and Building Resilience to Climate Change

Grantee Capacity Building Training is a part of our grant making process where each year grantee partners are trained on different issues that enhance their knowledge and capacity. This year the training was conducted in Pokhara in coordination with Local Initiatives for Biodiversity Research and Development (Li-bird) to enhance knowledge on effects of climate change and the intersection between women rights and environment rights. There were altogether 20 participants from 9 different (Nuwakot, Lamjung, Lalitpur, Gorkha, Kalikot, Dolkha, Palpa, Dhading and Kathmandu) districts who participated in the training.

Tewa enhances the capacity of our grantees partners which helps them to develop linkage and networking with other stakeholders. The training focused on climate change and its direct impact on sustainable development with special focus on local community agriculture. Further, it highlighted the women-friendly tools techniques and equipment that can make farming effective and reduce the burden on women. The training also highlighted the Community Based Adaption Practices to minimize the vulnerability of the climate change, environment conservation, waste management, rainwater conservation; population increase and its impact on women were discussed in detail, along with field to provide practical knowledge.

Grantee partners were very pleased with the initiative as they were not fully exposed to these new concepts and were eager to practice and share the information in their respective districts.

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