Haat Baazar


Haat Baazar

Haat Bazaar is one of the fundraising events that Tewa has been doing since its establishment. It serves as a platform for our volunteers, grantees and their beneficiaries to promote and sell their products and as for Tewa, it helps to promote community philanthropy, raise local funds and promote the organization. The main objective of Haat Bazaar is to raise local funds for grant making.

This year the fundraising event was conducted on Saturday, 20th May, 2017 near Bangalamukhi Temple, Lalitpur where there were hundreds of visitors. There was  good participation from volunteers, grantees and community people of Dhapakhel. Board Members and staffs contributed equally to make this event possible. Our support staff Ram Deyola, being a local resident of Bangalamukhi area, was on the course of promoting the program a week ahead – coordinating with local inhabitants and logistic arrangements was taken good care of.

Visitors to the event were curious to learn about Tewa’s goal behind the event and were glad to buy items at reasonable prices. Besides clothes stalls, there were food stalls, jewelries stalls, drinks stalls, bag and shoes stalls. Arrangements of all these stalls were made possible because of involvement of our grantee partners and volunteers.

One of the visitors, Shreejana Maharjan, was very happy to buy clothes for all her family and asked to us when we would be planning for the next Haat Bazaar so that she could come again. She also showed interest to visit Tewa and to know more about the organization.

The total fund raised from the event was NRs 61,000.00 (USD 610.00)which marks the success of the event as this is the highest amount raised through such event so far.

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