HTG Grantee Capacity Building/Reflection Program 21-23 August, 2016


HTG Grantee Capacity Building/Reflection Program 21-23 August, 2016

Earthquake Rebuilding and Recovery Work – Hamro Tewa Gaon Gharma (HTG):  A 3-day reflection sharing program was conducted on 21-23 Aug, 2016 at Tewa. The program was a reflection on the  one year recovery work of HTG volunteers in six main earthquake affected districts- Sindupalchowk, Gorkha, Dhading, Rammechhap, Dharmasthali (Kathmandu) and Jharuwarashi (Lalitpur). HTG volunteers and representatives of their district level organizations participated in the workshops. Altogether 36 participants (11 organization representatives from 6 districts and 15 HTG volunteers) gathered in the program where HTG volunteers shared their learning from last year.

 The main objective of the program was to review the work of the HTG volunteers, their challenges and achievements, capacity building of member organizations and enabling their understanding of the importance of the HTG work for further continuation, and celebrate a successful year of the post-recovery HTG program. Further, the program aimed to share achievements, learning and experience of HTG’s work and if any kind of disaster strikes again in future, how the community women and organizations would be ready to emerge as stronger foundations for rebuilding. The program also focused on enhancing knowledge on organizational development/strengthening, women empowerment, feminism, feminist leadership, community philanthropy, monitoring and communication. As a part of the celebration, a dance therapy session was conducted by WOFOWON (Tewa grantee).

Rita Thapa Founder of Tewa/Nagarik Aawaz who conceptualized the HTG Program along with Saloni Singh Founderof Didi Bahini, both leading feminist activists, interacted with the participants and strengthened their knowledge on leadership development and women empowerment.

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