International Volunteers Day and Raffle Opening


International Volunteers Day and Raffle Opening

Marking the International Volunteer’s Day on December 5, 2018, we awarded some of our outstanding volunteers who support our work. Each year Tewa organized Volunteers Award Program to honor our volunteers for their contribution, true dedication, and commitment. Volunteers are the pillars of Tewa. They do not only support in our fundraising events but also helps promote community philanthropy, gender equality, and women empowerment through the word of mouth.

This year we celebrated International Volunteers Day as well as the lucky winner of our Annual Fundraising Event, Raffle was announced. The program was started by Sita Sen reciting the poem on ongoing violence against women. Then, Dr. Nirmala K.C delivered a welcome speech by appreciating our volunteers. Stating that how the altruistic activity of our volunteers helps to bring the changes in the community.

The inauguration of Program was done by our guests Prabin Man Singh and our Chairperson Dr. Nirmala K.C. through the lightning of the Panas.  Our volunteers also lighted diyas to celebrate this day. Then On behalf of our Award Judging Committee, our guest Prabin Man Singh, also representing our donor organization Prakriti Resource Center shared his words on the selection process of our awardees. He put forward his

Followed by the speech was the Award Ceremony Program. Ten volunteers were awarded this year. Upasana Shrestha, Jharana Maharjan, Ankur Shrestha, Chandra Laxmi Shrestha, and Reena Suwal were presented with Appreciation Award for their constant support and contribution in the events and programs of Tewa. Likewise, Meena Bishet received the Dr. Amir Thapa Award for her outstanding effort in Fundraising events. Another category of award was Adhyaya Prasad Pradhan which was bestowed to Geeta K.C for the outstanding contribution to various events and activities throughout the year. Sarita Manandhar received the Birendra Shrestha Award for the effort in fundraising events and for pooling together a large number of donors. The Bhai Maya Award was given to Pushpa Awale for her involvement in our activities related to the conservation and protection of the ecosystem. The last award, Outstanding Award was awarded to Sabina Baidya for her exceptional performance throughout the year in our event, activities, and coordination.

After awarding the volunteers award, Sabina Baidya the recipient of Outstanding Award shared her words on how grateful and astounded she was of this appreciation from Tewa.

The program continued with awarding grants for the awardees of the Founder’s Fund and Discretionary grant. This year, the organizations from Dhankuta, Manav Adhikar ko lagi Mahila: Ekal Mahila Samuha (WHR, Dhankuta) received 3 lakhs under Founders Fund to initiate their project. The project focuses on organic cultivation focusing on single women and orientation session on New Civil Code Conduct. Then the discretionary grant was awarded to two organizations. Naagarik Awaz for the Peace Building Memorial &Learning Centre, and Pourakhi Nepal to celebrate 10th National Human Right Magna Meet.

The volunteers’ celebration was then followed by Raffle, our Annual Fundraising Event.  The winners of the lottery tickets were announced in the presence of our Board and General Members, volunteers, grantee partners, and community people. There was the total of 20 winners of the raffle, 15 people receiving the consolation prize. The First, Second and Third prizes sponsored by R.B Diamond Jewelry were Diamond Locket, Gold Tilahari and Silver Plate. We successfully raised NRs 2, 14,370/- from this event.

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