Int’l Volunteers Day and Raffle


Int’l Volunteers Day and Raffle

As always on International Volunteer’s Day, we appreciate our volunteers for their dedication, time and effort to Tewa. The chief guests for our program were Maggie Shah, Meera Jyoti; both the past presidents, Rama Laxmi Shrestha, Vice President and Priya Shrestha, Donor. This year 10 Awards were presented to our exemplary volunteers who were engaged with Tewa and its program since their volunteering days. Dr Major Amir Thapa Award was presented to Kushal Khadka for his outstanding efforts to support Tewa’s Fundraising, Birendra Shrestha Award was received by Sangita Premy for the effort in fundraising events and for pooling together a large number of donors. Likewise, Master Adhyaya Prasad was given to Srijana KC for her outstanding contribution to various events and activities throughout the year. Similarly, Bhai Maya Gurung Award was presented to Sapani Lama for her involvement in our activities related to the conservation and protection of the ecosystem and lastly Tewa’s Outstanding Award was received by Shova Shakya for her exceptional performance throughout the year in our event, activities, and coordination. Tewa also presented 5 Appreciation Awards to Tara Bohara, Bishnu Kafle Subedi, Mandira K.C, Neetu Shrestha, and Chandika Amatya for their constant support and contribution in the events and programs of Tewa.

After Award ceremony, our Fundraising Event: Raffle was organized. The opening of Raffle, lottery tickets was conducted at Tewa in presence of Board and General Members, Staff, Volunteers, community people and participants who bought the tickets. For this year’s prizes First prize and Third prize were sponsored by our Board Members Janaki Shah and Sheetal Shakya Bajracharya respectively and second prize sponsor was Jai Mata Di Gold Palace, Newroad. First prize was a Gold Earring worth NRs 15,000/-, second prize was Gold pendant worth NRs. 10,000/- and third prize was a silver bowl and spoon. More than 7500 tickets costing 25 per piece was printed and sold. After a lot of excitement and fun, raffle opening got its lucky 23 people who won 18 consolation prizes and rest, first to fifth prizes.
Maiti Manch Dolakha, Grantee partner, Deepika Thapa from Bajura and Laligurans Saving and Credit received first, second and third prizes respectively. We raised more than NRs 2 lakhs from this event exceeding our target. We would like to thank our supporters in believing the work that we do.

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