“Children are our greatest treasure. They are our future.” – Nelson Mandela

With  the awareness that the children of today are the future of our communities and the nation, the Tewa Children’s Program was initiated in 2007 and was  run  by Tewa volunteers, the children’s  program provides  a platform for the community children to come together and get engaged in various educational and recreational activities. The main purpose of the children’s program is to educate the community children on philanthropy and about Tewa’s activities.

The parents of the children involved in the children’s program have highly appreciated Tewa’s effort and role in inculcating moral values and have seen remarkable transformation in the behaviour of their children. Parents as well as children are enthusiastic and appreciate the affirmative impact of the program.

The key objectives of the Tewa Children’s Program are:

  • Building a good relation and engaging with the local community
  • Creating trust, understanding and ownership of Tewa
  • Providing a positive environment that is needed for the development and realization of potential of the children
  • Imparting values of modern philanthropy to the children
  • Enhancing an all around development and growth of children, based on equality, respect and harmony

Educational programs, skills development programs and hands on social work in the communities offer useful life education to the children. This is achieved through fun activities like storytelling, writing, songs and dance and visits to heritage sites. Engaging the children in the crafts as well as in issues outside of the school curriculum, e.g. health and hygiene, gives them an opportunity to widen their horizon.

With material support from READ/Nepal, a children’s library was established and in 2008, the 1st edition of a newsletter containing the work and voices of the children was also published then.

Who can participate in the Children’s Program?

  • Children from Dhapakhel VDC and adjoining villages
  • Children from all class groups and ethnicities are welcome, but priority will be given to children of working class parents and underprivileged backgrounds
  • Attempts will be made to ensure that children enrolment ensures a minimum of 50% girls
  • Children will be of school going age between 5-14 years of age.

For more information, please contact Nikiba Pradhan / Junior Program Officer, nikiba@tewa.org.np or 00977-1-5229054/5229045