In 2008, with the learning Tewa had gained, the Board decided to initiate a new programme named the Tewa Model Adaptation Initiative (TMAI). The programme was designed to impart Tewa’s experience, knowledge, and skills to other women organizations and to get involved in and expand the local level community philanthropy.

A working committee identified the potential working district based on a given criteria.  Pokhara in Kaski district was chosen to begin the TMAI.


  • To enable other women organizations to learn from Tewa’s experiences about local fundraising based on modern philanthropic giving for women’s empowerment through a grant making programme.
  • To build a critical mass of women and men who are committed to propagate modern philanthropy with a belief in the philosophy of self-reliant development and equitable justice.

Tewa shares sixteen years of its working experiences in modern philanthropy for women’s empowerment. Tewa will help to build the capacity of interested & committed local organizations in local fundraising, volunteers development and grant making programmes. This initiative will be a transfer of skills for sustainable practice at the level of the local communities for self-reliant development.


  • Sahakarya Nepal
  • Child and Women Empowerment Society
  • Nari Sewa Kendra
  • Manakamana Sahakari Mahila Bachat tatha Rin Samuha

After the identification of the district organizations one day planning workshop was organized with the District Organizations (DO). In this workshop each organization prepared their 3 years work plan in which they set these targets:

  • Train and mobilize 200 volunteers, a minimum of 75% of the trained volunteers would be mobilized in an ongoing way
  • In three years period Rs.10,00,000. 00 (Ten Lak Rupees) would be raised locally for grant making purposes
  • 40 grants will be given to other local grassroots women groups for various activities as identified by them

Tewa has been in regular contact with the DOs. It has been observed that all DOs and their volunteers have organized fundraising events and are actively engaged in fundraising and the volunteers so far have successfully raised about Rs. 200,000.00

Tewa is thankful to filia.die frauenstistung, a sister fund from Germany whose grant support for this programme made it possible to start this programme