Tewa has been breaking new grounds in fundraising locally for self-reliant development and women’s empowerment since its establishment. This was unprecedented and encouraged an initial disbelief, but more recently has been accepted and widely practiced.

The purpose of local fund-raising is to reduce dependency on foreign donors and create a sustainable model of development owned by the local community. The success of this programme in a post-conflict transitioning Nepal, has demonstrated that local fund raising is possible. In addition, local fund-raising helps build communities and makes philanthropy more relevant to local context and needs. There is increased ownership at all levels. The funds raised locally go 100% for Tewa’s grant-making purposes.

The trust and confidence put in us by our donors helps us to make a difference in the lives of women and communities by strengthening leadership, voice, visibility and collective organizing power. Special fundraising events are organized throughout the year to raise funds locally.

How do we fundraise?
Tewa organizes many events throughout the year for fundraising. Some of the events which have been organized recently are – Paleti (Musical Events),Theme dinner and auction, Deep Prajwolan, Film Show, Plantation, Haat Bazar and Momo Fest, Ethnic food fest, Raffle etc. The entire fund raised during such events goes to the grantee organizations of Nepal. So far, we have helped 558 organizations working for women throughout Nepal. The change brought by these events is superlative and is able to make noteworthy change in their lives.

How can you be involved?
We, at Tewa, welcome all contributions. Your belief and trust in Tewa will help to support self-reliant development. Please make a gift to Tewa and experience the difference you can make in the lives of disadvantaged, vulnerable women and their families. Your gifts while empowering local women groups, also enhances their political visibility and voice.


  • Cash gifts: Cash gifts are welcome at any time. We also accept gifts through cheques and bank deposits.
  • Pay-Roll Giving: We highly encourage you to participate in donating some amount from your pay-roll; monthly, biannually or annually. We also encourage that you try and persuade your company/organization to offer matching gifts for your contributions.
  • Celebration and Honour: Celebrate your happy occasions and honor your loved ones- with a donation gift to Tewa, dedicated on special occasions.
  • In-kindGiving/Garage Sale: We also accept in-kind donations for our garage sale – like clothes, furniture, equipment, etc.

For Organizations
Become a Corporate Donor/Sponsor an Event: Organizations can come on board as a corporate sponsor for Tewa’s events, either for one event or as a year-round sponsor for all events. Corporate partners can also come on board by initiative creative CSR programs related to sales, profit etc.

Tewa Fundraising Volunteers
Become a Volunteer: You can also support Tewa by becoming a Tewa volunteer. As a volunteer, you can spread the word about Tewa and raise awareness on the various important issues.