Tree Plantation


Tree Plantation

Tewa has been doing the Tree Plantation since 2011 as a means to conserve the environment, educate and fundraise locally from the community. Additionally, this event has been designed to follow Tewa’s own principles of involving and building local ownership of communities which helps towards making   the city greener and healthier place to live in and improved the environment for the community. This year it was conducted on 13th August, 2016 at Debichaur, Lalitpur one of the areas affected by earthquake and wildfires.

Debichaur is a remote part of Lalitpur where there is no local transportation available with only minimum basic amenities available. The program was conducted successfully  planting 600 saplings in Debichaur, Lalitpur where our grantee partner Sarangi Dada coordinated. There was huge participation from  staffs, locals, volunteers, school children of Ribs Higher Secondary School, Tewa President Dr Nirmala K.C, and Board Member Sheetal Bajracharya along with Forestry Commission Secretary Pashupati Dahal which added value to the event. We were able to raise NRs 153540.00 from the event.

This represents an exemplary message to convey to children, friends and community to help them understand the value and importance of Community Philanthropy and a greener world.

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