Tree Plantation 2018


Tree Plantation 2018

Tewa has been continuing to support and promote local community philanthropy since the very beginning of its establishment. Be it through organizing different events or engaging local community people, working with them and for them. This year also, as a part of our Annual Fundraising Event, Tree Plantation was successfully conducted on August 11, 2018, in coordination with women’s group and our volunteer Yasodha Khadka at our decided venue Godamchaur-1 Godavari.

This was our 10th year of celebrating this event. A small initiation to conserve and preserve environment was started since 2008 through the engagement of local community people and built ownership in them. The location where the Tree plantation was organized is one of the areas affected by Climate change.

This year we planted more than 700 saplings of trees. Around 200 people participated in the event. The event was supported by Daya Foundation, Asri Jewelers, Prakriti Resource Center, MyEarth Eco Bags, S. Four Trading Pvt. Ltd, RIBS School (Dipashana Gurung), Sunflower School, Ecomm, Kolographics Press, Durga Stationery, Yatri Tours, Naagarik Awaz, Ginger, Subisu Cable Pvt. Ltd., Shree Siddhichandi saving and cooperative Ltd. and all the individual donors including our volunteers, grantee partners as well as local community people. Chairperson of the Ward also participated in the event to support us. We were able to exceed the targeted amount through this event.

The women’s group of Godamchaur i.e. Sirjanshil Mahila Samuha also supported us since the pre-preparation of the Event and our entire Tewa Family would like to thank them for their hospitality. The main intent of this event is to create awareness and educate people on the growing issues of Climate Change and also it helps community women to work with the environment. 

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