Volunteer Training Program


Volunteer Training Program

Over the last two decades, Tewa has been funding various women organizations. It conducts different fundraising programs to raise funds to give grants to women led organizations all over Nepal. One of the foremost programs of fundraising has been achieved with the support of local volunteers.

Volunteer Training program is basically targeted at local people who are willing to be involved in social work and are looking for a platform to work towards women’s development. It provides a platform to people with good volunteerism sprit.The main objectives of the program is educate volunteers to understand and apply concepts and tools to become an effective fundraiser,  motivation on why      fundraising is fundamental, enable volunteers to get preparedness and provide information about Tewa’s work, operation and overview.

This year Volunteers Training program was conducted on 9-11 Feb and 22-24 Sep, 2015. The participants were from different walks of life like builders, nurse, graduate students and homemakers. The program was facilitated by Program Manager Mrs.  Urmila Shrestha and assisted by Philanthropy Manager, Roshani Thapa.

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