Volunteer Training


Volunteer Training

Tewa conducts volunteer training program every year with an objective to promote and understand philanthropy, comprehend women’s status and development in Nepal. Providing actual and relevant skills, the training and the four months mentoring period gives them a sense of why this work is important in the context of Nepal. Although Tewa raises relatively small amounts through this programme, its value and significance is high since it helps us reach out to a diverse community ad transforms the volunteers who are thus engaged. Volunteers serve as ambassadors in the community to help and promote Tewa’s work through community philanthropy, as well as to understand  women’s issues and to contribute to fundraising.Till date Tewa has successfully trained 646 volunteers for fundraising and they have raised NRs 25,75,054.The raised funds are then provided towards  grant making.

This year, the volunteer training program was organized from 11th– 14th January 2016. There were 19 participations from various sectors which included young graduate students to homemakers. The program had different sessions such as communication and motivation, women’s empowerment and philanthropy, with an aim to strengthen the capacity of volunteers for fundraising. All the volunteers who participated have much appreciated the work of Tewa and the value add to their work and given them food for thought.

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