Volunteers Training Program


Volunteers Training Program

Each year, Tewa has been training volunteers to advance and advocate modern philanthropy and give it back to the wider society. On 27th July, Tewa successfully conducted its 44th Volunteers Training Program at Tewa meeting hall for three days.This year there were 14 active participants who included 11 women and 3 men from various cultural backgrounds.

During the program, Dr. Nirmala KC, President of Tewa, shared her inspiring and uplifting words on ‘Development in Nepal’ and ‘Women’s position and condition in present day Nepal’. The training broadened understanding about philanthropy, development in Nepal, women’s position in Nepal, women’s social mobility of community activities, among others.The training also included Tewa tour which was conducted by Mr. Deepak Dewan, Development Director and Mr. Nirjan Shakya, Program Officer who informed about the history of land and building investment for the organizational sustainability.

After the introduction session about Tewa, Smita Sharma, Communication Officer briefed about Tewa’s core programs highlighting Local Philanthropy, Grant Making Unit, Tewa Centre, Children Program, etc. The session also supported to make them understand about organization’s mission, vision and goals.Anuja Shrestha, Grant Manager shed light on ‘Women’s Movement in Nepal’. The session helped volunteers understand about Women’s Movement in Nepal.  She explained the core value of supporting women to initiate positive changes at the societal level. She explained about Unit’s work on Right Based Approach to support local women’s organizations throughout Nepal to strengthen their voice and visibility to fight against social structures that encourage social transformation.

Thereafter, the session with Grantee Partner of 2008/2009 – Mahila Sip Bikash Sroth Kendra was motivating where they showed gratefulness towards the help provided by Tewa over the past few years.

Janaki Shah, Board Member and one of the donors of Tewa, shared her experience of fundraising that has changed her and inspired her to become a social worker. Meena Gurung, donor and volunteer of Tewa (2001), added her own experience and advised tips on being an effective fundraiser. Roshani Thapa, Philanthropy Manager, further highlighted on different categories of awards that are awarded to volunteers for their contribution throughout the year which includes Outstanding Award, Dr. Amir Thapa Award, Birendra Shrestha Award, Master Adhaya Prasad Pradhan Award and Bhaimaya Gurung Award.

The volunteers were then introduced to Tewa’s grantee partner Samabesi Manch Nepal that works for the rights of LBT people and LBT movement in Nepal. They shared on how Tewa’s grant helped them to support the cause of equality and justice.

During the occasion, grantee partner of Netrahin Mahila Samaj was also handed grant amount of NRs 208,950.00 towards their Legal Awareness and Leadership Development project.

The volunteer program was enriched by Mr. Kedar Rayamaji’s communication and motivational talk as these are the two key elements essential for communicating with diverse categories of people.

The program was ended with a musical performance by Ishwor Bade, volunteer participant, performing a violin.

The experience sharing helped the volunteers understand the work of Tewa and its impact on wider community.

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