Walk-a-thon and Deep Prajwolan


Walk-a-thon and Deep Prajwolan

To influence the behavior and attitude of the Nepali people towards women empowerment, Tewa has been practicing local fundraising as a means for social transformation through its ongoing work of altruism. Walkathon and Deep Prajowolan is an annual local fundraising program which is popular among volunteers, donors, well-wishers and Tewa family.

This year the event was conducted on 18th March in the presence of actress Priyanka Karki, actor/director Deepak Raj Giri and comedian actor Nirmal Sharma. More than 200 individuals participated in the walk supporting local philanthropy for peace and development. Walkathon was organized in the evening with traditional musical band walking towards Jharuwarashi (Nag Daha to Maligaun) and returning back to Tewa premises at Dhapakhel. This was then followed by Deep Prajowolan at the office premises.

This year, we received support from different companies and organizations to make these events a success and raised NRS 343,760.00 (USD 3,438.00 approx). The amount raised from the program supports the grant making unit which conducts the core work of Tewa. Each year we support women’s organization throughout Nepal to help them conduct their activities in different districts for women empowerment. Helping them to organize and consolidate their collective strength for voice and visibility, and enabling them to be active as change agent in their community to challenge the existing patriarchy and social power structure.

Special appreciation goes to the sponsors,supporters and partners for this year’s program. Some of the supporters include FedEx, Gyanodaya Balbatika, Nabil Bank, Nepal Investment Bank, S.4 Trading, Sangrila Solutions Consultant, Sunrise Bank, Western Union, Yatri Tours, Association for Craft Producers, BTL Trader, Garima Offset Printers and all other individuals who sponsored and supported the programs.

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